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Written by Justine Lucas.
The Somatic Singing Chakra Blog


The Chakra Voice Connection

We know singing to be a form of self-expression, but it is also a powerful healing tool. By exploring our voice, we can directly tap into our nervous system, our circulatory system, and our...


Sitting in the Question: 
Opening Crown & Third Eye chakras

Explore how opening your crown and third eye chakras can help you find the answers you've been looking for! Access your innate wisdom and connect to the divine...


The Benefits of Singing in the Shower... and Sauna!

This womb-like space creates the perfect environment for singing from your Sacral chakra. Its warmth and darkness create a cocoon-like atmosphere that...


A Song from Every Chakra

Listen to these 8 songs, each written from different chakras...


Songwriting In Your Dreams

You always hear these interviews with rockstars where they tell some journalist how their biggest hit song came to them "in a dream." Well, as it turns out, they weren't lying...


The Sexiest Chakra

Out of all 7 chakras in the Hatha Yoga system, and all 12 chakras in Vaishnavism, there is one chakra that is particularly sexy. This chakra governs our reproductive organs, but it also...


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