Celtic Heart 🍀

Somatic Singing Class

A New Way to Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day... 
Explore the ancient traditions of Celtic music with this restorative somatic singing class. Nourish your body and clear your mind with meditation, yoga breathing exercises, gentle vocal warmups, and a group song circle.

2-hour Class

  • FRIDAY, MARCH 15th, at 12:00pm (PST) 

    Taught live in nature in Saratoga, CA 
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Celtic Heart

Somatic Singing Class

Some of the things we'll do in class:

  • Yoga Breathwork

    Connecting with the breath using Pranayama yoga, Iyengar yoga, and Opera breathing exercises.

  • Guided Meditation

    Clearing the mind with guided meditations and a visual journey to help you connect with the present moment.

  • Vocal Warmups

    Warming the voice with gentle tonal vibrations and vocal exercises that calm the central nervous system.

  • Song Circle

    Singing a simple and cyclical song that's easy to learn and easy to sing, allowing you to explore the facets of your own voice in a free and fun musical environment.

Somatic Singing

Photo Gallery

Pictures from our last outdoor Somatic Singing class in the Santa Cruz mountains:

(as part of a weekend-long folk music & dance retreat)