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                                     Justine Lucas

What is Somatic Singing?

Somatic Singing is a unique healing modality developed by singer and vocal coach Justine Lucas that uses meditation, yoga, breathwork, chakra listening and somatic healing to help you express your voice freely and confidently, both in life and in music. This powerful medicine manifests into a greater sense of self-belief and self-worth, which positively affects all aspects of your life. Many of Justine's students have gone on to make major career shifts, actualizing their dreams and accessing their true potential. Founded by Justine Lucas in 2022, Somatic Singing offers weekly online classes, special in-person events, and one-on-one private sessions for personalized coaching. 

Find your voice and up your vibration today!

Somatic Singing - The Justine Lucas Method

How does it work?

Somatic Singing utilizes the power of breath, meditation, and vocalization to balance your chakras and activate your spirit to a point of pure, free-flowing musical expression. 
Yoga Breathwork

Breathing exercises from Iyengar and Hatha yoga, as well as traditional Opera & Jazz breathing.


Guided Meditations created by Justine to help you connect with your higher self and find your voice.

Chakra Energy

Somatic chakra body exercises, singing in individual chakra frequencies for healing purposes.


Somatic Singing Classes

Our voice is how we present ourselves to the world. It can be our greatest tool in designing the lives we want ~ speaking up for ourselves, creating new friendships, standing up for what we believe in, and manifesting the lives we desire.
Work through vocal blocks you might have with public speaking, boundary setting, or stage-fright. Learn to use the power of your voice to direct your energy and design the life you want. Learn how to use the physical magic of vocalization and musical vibration to calm your nervous system, comfort your heart, and tap into your body's wisdom. 
Unlock your natural voice!

    Some Group Classes are offered live online. Enjoy guided meditations and explore your voice from the comfort of your own home sanctuary. Perfect for Introverts and Ambiverts.


    Some Group Classes are offered in gorgeous nature spaces along throughout California, including Saratoga, Santa Cruz, and West Marin. Perfect for Extraverts and Ambiverts.

Meet Your Coach

Justine Lucas, Spirit Guide & Vocal Coach

"I'm a Meditation Guide, Spirit Guide, Breath Instructor, and Vocal Coach serving the larger Santa Cruz and San Francisco Bay Area community. I teach singing as a form of healing, and healing as a way to sing! My voice lessons are unconventional, original and authentic ~ I use various alternative healing modalities and somatic exercises to help you find energetic blocks within your chakra system and then release them through breath, mantra, and vocalization. I also help you gently move through anxiety like stage-fright or low self-esteem, heal past triggers that are causing you self-doubt or fear, and facilitate full freedom of expression in a safe supportive space."

Healing Modalities

"I incorporate Guided Meditations, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga Breathwork such as Pranayama and Iyengar breathing exercises in my practice, giving you tools and breath support as you discover your voice. I also use Opera Breathing techniques and traditional Vocal Warmups to ensure healthy vocal practices and build good singing habits.
I greatly value health, self-care, well-being and freedom. My mission is to help you find your voice and speak your truths! It is my honor to assist you as you develop a beautiful new relationship with your voice and manifest positive change in your life. I offer one-on-one private coaching sessions, live group classes in nature, and live online classes every single week."
~ Justine Lucas
(founder of Somatic Singing)

Justine Lucas, aka "Madame Z"

A Life in Healing and Music...

Justine Lucas is a prolific and profound singer-songwriter based in the Bay Area of California. She has headlined at world-renown venues like The Great American Music Hall and performed in bands and choirs at acclaimed venues such as Yoshi's, Slim's, and Herbst Theatre.
Justine was first introduced to the healing arts at a very young age by her grandmother Judith Winston, a polarity energy therapist and Reiki healer who started her own alternative healing center in North Carolina...


Learn from the voices of our students:
Zoe (she/her)

Singer-Songwriter & Content Creator

"I've been utilizing Justine's vocal technique in my own singing for over a decade. Justine's Somatic Singing approach with body awareness, lifestyle shifts, and deep meditation has improved my life in shocking ways. I am so much more mentally prepared for shows, interviews, work, and life. Since I started taking regular weekly online classes with Justine, my goals seem to come to fruition more often and in bigger ways than I had even hoped. I look forward to my somatic singing class every week."
Scenario (they/them)

Stage Hypnotist & Theater Performer

"I jumped for joy and cried with relief when I discovered Justine could teach singing in this way. I've held so much fear in when it comes to opening up my voice, and I knew that studying pure technique wouldn't be enough. I needed spirit level work. Justine creates such a warm supportive environment, perfect for exploring where energy flows through body and spirit. I am so grateful to have finally found a teacher who can help me open up my voice as an expression of my soul."
Lee (she/her)

Singer, Composer & Violinist

"Justine Lucas really helped me break down mental barriers I had about songwriting. Her guided meditations and visualizations helped me tap into vivid imagery, allowing my thoughts to flow naturally, uncovering authentic expressions through freewriting. Somatic Songwriting has really enhanced the musicality of my lyrics and added variety to my style.  Justine's lessons have equipped me with invaluable techniques and insights that have profoundly improved my songwriting and given me confidence!"


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