The Crown Chakra

by Justine Lucas

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The Crown Chakra

Learn about the chakras, elements, gemstones, somatic healing and more! 
Written by Justine Lucas.


Crown Chakra Properties

Learn about the element, color vibration, musical vibration, and symbolism of this chakra.


Crown Chakra Gemstones & Crystals

Learn about the gemstones, crystals, and minerals that help balance and activate this chakra.


Crown Chakra Teas & Herbs

Learn about herbs, teas, and mushrooms that help balance and activate this chakra.


Crown Chakra Blog Articles

Learn more about the crown chakra with these specific articles on crown-related experiences.


Crown Chakra Classes

Learn about classes we offer that help you access, strengthen, activate, and balance your crown chakra.


Crown Chakra Properties

by Justine Lucas

Let's talk about the properties associated with the Crown chakra. To begin...

Color: Purple


Element: Thought


Musical Note: B


Crown Chakra Gemstones & Crystals

by Justine Lucas

Let's talk about the gemstones associated with the Crown chakra. 

Crown Chakra Teas & Herbs

by Justine Lucas

Let's talk about the magical properties of herbs and how they can help balance your Crown chakra. To begin, I'll introduce you to some herbs that are specific to the Crown chakra, I'll tell you a little bit about my process and routine with tea, and finish with a list of specific products you can find in your local health food store or tea shop. None of the products mentioned are sponsored in anyway, these are simply the things I use, the companies I trust, and what I would to recommend to a friend. So let's get started!
A cup of tea is a cup of peace." ~ Sen Sōshitsu XV
            (Grand Master of Urasenke, a world renown Japanese Tea School)

Crown Chakra Herbs:

I’d recommend aromatic herbs that heighten your mental awareness and encourage deep thought:
sage, lavender, gingko, ginseng, blue lotus, gotu kola, and maca.
Black tea, cacao, and espresso or decaf coffee stimulate the mind and activate this thought chakra. Try a black tea that is paired with dried fruit and herbs for a mentally stimulating experience, like blackberry, peach, cherry, lavender, ginger, or sage. 

Crown Chakra Mushrooms:

Mushrooms have very healing and medicinal properties, and are being used more and more in teas, tinctures, and even coffee and soda these days! Some mushrooms that help improve mental function, focus, concentration, and memory are: Lion's Mane, Reishi and Chaga.

My Self-Care Tea Routine

I pretty much start every morning with a caffeinated tea, which I select based on which chakra feels out of balance that day, or what activities I'm doing that day and the level of energy-assistance I may need. I also end every workday with an herbal tea latte, or as we call it in California: a "Bowl of Soul". I find this routine of treating myself at the end of the day to be very nourishing, not only for my body, but for my soul. Having a simple ritual like this helps me wind down from work as I move into the evening. I tend to improvise, but it usually has to do with either what I feel my chakra system is needing next, or what my immune system is longing for. It could be a turmeric tea steeped in half water and half oat milk with a sprinkle of cinnamon and black pepper on top, or a peach detox tea with hemp milk and local honey. Turmeric helps lower inflammation in the joints, muscles and organs. Detox teas help cleanse your liver and blood from any traces of allergens you've inhaled or eaten recently, or remove heavy metals from your system that accumulate from simply drinking tap water or using metal cookware. And those are just two examples ~ there are many teas and herbs out there that taste delicious and are also extremely helpful in aiding whatever pains you. It's a bit of a trial-and-error process, since everyone has different tastes and sensitivities, but once you find the things that work for you, you'll notice an extra ability to focus at the beginning of your day, and an increased sense of calm and inner peace throughout your day. You'll feel... balanced! 

My Tea Drawer

This is a picture of my tea drawer! It's full of some of my favorite herbal teas, caffeinated teas, chocolates, and granola bars. It can be fun to select your favorite teas and create a special space for this morning or evening ritual of nourishing your mind, body, and soul with herbal and medicinal teas and treats.

Specific Products for Crown Chakra:


Coffee & Coco:

  • "Mushroom Coffee Mix with Lion's Mane" ~ by Four Sigmatic

  • "Think: organic coffee latte mix with Lion's Mane & Chaga mushrooms" ~ by Four Signmatic

  • "Calm: organic cacao mix with Reishi mushroom" ~ by Four Sigmatic

  • "Matcha Latte Mis with Lion's Mane" ~ by Four Sigmatic



  • "Lion's Mane Extract" ~ by Host Defense

  • "MyCommunity Extract" ~ by Host Defense

  • "Stamets 7 Extract" ~ by Host Defense

  • "Organic Lion's Mane mushroom liquid drops" ~ by Mary Ruth's

  • "Organic Mushroom Complex liquid drops" ~ by Mary Ruth's



  • "Chaga Ahswaghanda" ~ by Teechino

  • "Reishi Eleuthero" ~ by Teechino

  • "Lion's Mane Rhodiola" ~ by Teechino

  • "Turkey Tail Astragalus" ~ by Teechino



  • "ALIVE: Ancient Mushroom Elixir, Root Beer" ~ by GT's

  • "ALIVE: Ancient Mushroom Elixir, Cola" ~ by GT's

  • "ALIVE: Ancient Mushroom Elixir, Lemon Lime" ~ by GT's

                 with Chaga, Reishi, and Turkey Tail mushroom extract

Note: These sodas are Kombucha-based, which is actually not good for women who have a history with candida (yeast infections), or who eat a lot of sugar. It's great for men though!

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